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Corn Types  

Dent Corn is popular corn for feeding livestock. Dent is a starchy corn, yet during the drying process the starch retreats from the crown of the kernel, thereby creating an impression, which gives its unique feature from which its name is derived. Its color is typically white or yellow.

Blue Corn is pollinated, soft, starchy corn. Quite often, it is used in the processing of specialty foods of a distinct nature such as tortillas, cereal, chips, and especially cornbread.

Flint Corn is also Calico Corn or Indian Corn. Its substance is low in water and therefore, adapts well to freezing. One variety of flint corn bears kernels of many colors and is often hung on doorways during holiday seasons. Yellow flint corn is popularly used in hominy grits.

Sweet Corn has high sugar content making it the most popular of corns for human consumption. Sweet corn is picked before it is fully matured. Sweet corn is also called Indian Corn, Pole Corn, or Sugar Corn.

Flour Corn is typically grown for the purpose of producing corn flour, cornmeal, and hominy.

Waxy Corn is a specialty corn along with High-Amylose Corn, High-Oil Corn, and High-Lysine Corn. Waxy corn is ground topowder and used as a stabilizer or thickener in food products. It is also used as an adhesive in the paper commerce.

Pod Corn is simply the pod covering of the kernels.